Our services focus on the Design and Project Management of Facility and IT requirements for Technology Infrastructure, IT and Network Systems, Communications rooms, Labs, Data and Network centers, including PBX, Telecommunications, Voice and Data Systems, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Cabling and IT Infrastructure, providing complete Technology Project Planning & Vendor Management.  Our goal is to design an adaptable physical infrastructure maximizing the effective space utilization of all of your Technology areas within the facility to accommodate today's ever changing needs and demands for future expansion or reconfiguration of your facilities using sound IT Infrastructure Design & Planning principles.

Total Tech also provides other services for the building and management and security infrastructure. We offer our clients services that are unsurpassed in the design build stages for a complete level of protection that will leave you rest assured. Homeland Security is our staple part of our business and we will continue to drive this forward. We have clients from all aspects of life and industries.  From these clients we have cultivated an organic growth from our referrals. These clients range from federal branches of government , fortune 100 clientele, and individuals with VIP status. 

Total Tech provides a non invasive method for detecting chemical compounds with in the human body. 

Total Tech provides a Universal Command Communications Module for clients and patients in the Healthcare industry. Our module is unbitquous and autonomous in nature.  It comes complete with our encryption technology, databasing software, and application.

It is through the Universal Command Communications Module that Total Tech has made a mark in the life sciences and health care industry by providing Electronic Healthcare Reporting Software.

We have the team and expertise in place to write software that will be to your satisfaction.  Our team of software developers can develop  software for most any kind of application. 

Our services include network testing and forensics.


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