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Situational Awareness, Security and Training Services

Total Tech's expertise in the field of Situational Awareness focuses on the study environmental perception critical to decision-makers in complex, dynamic areas. Our security, IT, and training solutions apply to any vulnerable and valuable asset, such as a person, computer, dwelling, data in cyber space, community, nation, or organization. Here are some examples of the areas we support:

Eye Tracking Software

Can be used for various applications. What the eye sees is the target. Industries can include and not limited to Medical, Gaming, Robotics, and Defense.

LIVe Software

Identity and back ground verification software.

  • LIVe: Identity Software ( Self Proclaimed )
  • LIVE Certified: Identity and Back Ground Verified by third party.
  • LIVe DNA: Identity and Background used for access for a computer that is directly connected to a network (Direct Network Access).
  • LIVe RNA: Same as DNA but for remote operations. Used for access for a computer that is remotely connected Network (Remote Network Access).


Overall software that can view remote cameras and has scalable viewing operations. Used for remote viewing of several different facilities and campuses and their infrastructure. Is the primary software used for Central Station monitoring of clients devices.

Sentinel Watch

Used for connecting both Hardwire and wireless cameras and assigning an IP for each camera for remote control and monitoring. Used for each facility to be connected to Cyclops for multi-facility view.


Used with our Wireless Video Deployment Package (WVDP ) quick deploy kit. Also can be connected to Sentinel Watch and Cyclops.

Consulting SME (Subject Matter Experts)

Providing Intelligence, Systems Engineers, Integrators and other Subject Matter Experts to critical mission areas throughout the intelligence community.

CyberSecurity & Information Assurance

Used in cyber terrorism efforts to maintain intelligence on opposition targets and the information they hold within. Counter Security measures that are tested and placed on the front line of defense in electronic warfare and defense efforts.

Tactical Gaming/Camera

A cost effective and practical way to train operational deployments without having to incur the costs that are associated.

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